Thursday, December 09, 2004

Vegetarians: The Closet Killers

Preface: I love animals. To me, looking at nature, in all of its many aspects, is a spiritual connection.

However, I eat meat, albeit, not without alot of introspection, and consideration. I will leave the argument for another time.

One thing I find interesting is that many vegetarians don't know what goes into producing crops that they consume. The whole 'organic' movement has brought crops raised without pesticides or herbicides. Yet, in harvesting cereal crops, many organic farmers still use combines and other assorted machinery. To those of you who have never seen one of these things, rest assured they are huge. At any rate, as these machines harvest a crop, they kill and injure animals of an incalculable quantity; animals are sucked into the cutters, or crushed underneath the wheels.
The flour that most people use is made from these crops; if you buy a loaf of bread, a doughnut, a bag of dog food, you are probably purchasing crops harvested in this fashion. Sugar is harvested from sugar beets in this fashion. Canola oil comes from canola harvested in this fashion. Think of the ingredients in a garden salad. Nice green lettuce, maybe some radishes, cucumber, carrot. These vegetable are all grown from seed, which are planted in machine-tilled soil by machines pulled by machines.
I am sure there is a small niche market of cereal and other crops that are produced sans-machine. Yet, the vast majority of people do not consume these products; if they did, they would not be niche markets, they would just be markets.
It seems that, in sum of my belaboured point, as humans inhabit a planet with finite resources, there will always be losers. When we elect to grow crops to feed people, we take land away from natural species and injure animals in the cultivation of those crops. I guess the best we can do is strike a balance between what we need to produce and what animals need to live. And that, I believe, will stem from the self-imposed moderation of the western lifestyle.


Blogger brainhell said...

Yer logic only flies so far. Driving kills animals. So does medical research. Vegetarians aren't animal lovers above all things, they just don't want to eat animals. Question: Do you eat people? Why not? Don't you know that people are killed by the power plants that generate the electricity you use?

You really should start eating people.

11:12 p.m.  
Blogger Mike said...

My logic is spot on. It is the logic of some (not all) vegetarians that is wrong.

"I do not eat meat because it kills animals.
But I will eat vegetables are cultivated and harvested, processes which subsequently kill animals.
It is not ok to kill animals to eat them but it is ok to kill animals in order to eat vegetables."

To me, this reeks of hypocrisy. People that eat meat do not deny that they kill animals. Yet many vegetarians assert that they take the high road because they "do not kill animals" through their nutritional regime.

Having said that, I believe that vegetarianism is a healthy and viable lifestyle choice; North America would do well to adhere to the food choices espoused by vegetarians. I do not have a problem with vegetarians that choose that lifestyle because they are concerned with their health, etc. Yet I take offence to being labeled a "murderer" simply because I eat meat. Combines eat meat too.

10:32 a.m.  
Blogger dorothyblueeyes said...

Hey, pretty good thinking. I dont care much for total vegans, either; they don;t eat properly,or nutritionally. People are omnivores,they can eat anything and everything. Yes,there are too many people in the world, we could start eating each other. Do you know that happened, during
WW 2, in Russia,in Stalengrad?People were starving to death,during the seige of the city,and it was going on.No joke. Illegal,but, hey, they were doing it;it's in history. sigh. yes,it's a shitty world.Probably people will get killed off,by disease,and then the world,without humans,will be able to repair itself. Prohably for the best. Humans are just chimps,with large brains.But, we don't use our brains to be logical,and humane,and reasonabnle,and rational.We use it to make biggerwar toys,and bigger wars!!So much for our large brains; we misuse them. I predict,the US is going to get kicked out of Iraq,and lose that war completely; all the sources say that. LIke another Vietnam. Pres.Bush is an idiot,and is trashing our national debt.,and destroying the country. He can't even make war properly;the soldiers are complaining,publically,and getting angry at the govt.,already. They don';t even have armour,or protection, during war. Lots of the country is sick of the war,and we only half way voted Bush back in; half of us voted him out. Also,the US is in a lot of financial trouble,with our debt.,and the future of the country looks grim. tsk!!How is Canada,tolive in?--a fellow blogger,

10:41 a.m.  

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